Efficient cargo delivery


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Efficient cargo delivery
Trucking, monitoring and scheduling services platform connecting cargo transportation providers with companies or people who need them.
SectorMost major industry classification systems use sources of revenue as their basis for classifying companies into specific sectors, subsectors and industries. In order to group like companies based on their sustainability-related risks and opportunities, SASB created the Sustainable Industry Classification System® (SICS®) and the classification of sectors, subsectors and industries in the SDG Investor Platform is based on SICS.
Business Model Description

Develop B2B platforms that use technological innovation to connect, optimize, monitor, and solve problems in the logistics industry by connecting and scheduling shippers who need to deliver home goods, electronics, construction materials, and anything that fits into a truck with independent truck drivers who can fulfil those needs.

Expected Impact

This initiative intends to improve sanitary conditions and provide a wider access to drinking clean water.

Indicative ReturnDescribes the rate of growth an investment is expected to generate within the IOA. The indicative return is identified for the IOA by establishing its Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Return of Investment (ROI) or Gross Profit Margin (GPM).
> 25% (in IRR)
Investment TimeframeDescribes the time period in which the IOA will pay-back the invested resources. The estimate is based on asset expected lifetime as the IOA will start generating accumulated positive cash-flows.
Medium Term (5–10 years)
Market SizeDescribes the value of potential addressable market of the IOA. The market size is identified for the IOA by establishing the value in USD, identifying the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) or providing a numeric unit critical to the IOA.
USD 100 million - USD 1 billion
Average Ticket Size (USD)Describes the USD amount for a typical investment required in the IOA.
USD 1 million - USD 10 million
Direct ImpactDescribes the primary SDG(s) the IOA addresses.
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9)
Indirect ImpactDescribes the secondary SDG(s) the IOA addresses.
Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) Good health and well-being (SDG 3) Zero Hunger (SDG 2)
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