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Global Investment for Sustainable Development
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Explore pipeline of Investment Opportunity Areas that advance humankind

This platform provides data, information and insights on investment opportunities with potential to contribute to sustainable development. Find SDG-aligned investment opportunity areas that matter. Start by filtering by region, country, or by sector.

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SDG-enabling Investment Opportunity Areas based on a rigorous methodology drawing on in-depth research and stakeholders’ insights.


From local investment and impact data produced by each UNDP country offices with specialized partners.


About the local Investment Opportunity Areas and their impact potential.
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Investment Opportunity Areas are valuable market intelligence based on independent research and interviews with government and private sector stakeholders.

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Please get in touch if you would like to be connected to the private sector players or relevant government institutions across countries. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to be featured as a case study.

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What are the SDG Investor Maps?

The SDG Investor Maps generate country-level data and insights about SDG-enabling investment opportunities. This work targets the gap between interest and investing in SDGs and the business models that could provide impactful and investable opportunities.

The methodology for developing SDG Investment Opportunity Maps consists of a rigorous eight-step process drawing on a combination of in-depth desk research and focused in-country public and private sector consultations. Through this iterative process, we identify and validate where there is overlap between development needs and policy priorities, identify and test potential business models that fit the most urgent needs, and refine into specific Investment Opportunity Areas.


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