Turkiye hosted SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainer

SDG Impact Standards Train the Trainer Course in Istanbul

SDG Impact Standards Train the Trainer Course in Istanbul; Photo Credit: Etkiyap

Turkiye hosted SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainer

The global SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainers was held on 13-15 February 2023 in Istanbul. The accredited training course coordinated by Etkiyap, hosted by Sabancı Arf Almost Ready to Fly, and organised by EYDK was delivered by two highly skilled competent trainers from UNDP SDG Impact and SVI. The program aimed to provide 17 international experts with the accreditation of becoming trainers for the SDG Impact Standards.

Coordinated by Etkiyap, the global SDG Impact Standards Train-the-Trainers Course is for individuals who wish to become Accredited Trainers of the SDG Impact Standards and receive a license to deliver high-quality, consistent training to support adoption of the same. The course was developed by UNDP in partnership with Social Value International (SVI), a global network for social value and impact management.

The SDG Impact Standards are independent, global management standards that integrate sustainability, the SDGs and managing for impact at the core of business and investment decisions. They have been established as part of SDG Impact, a flagship initiative of UNDP working to accelerate private sector contributions towards sustainability and the achievement of the SDGs.

Etkiyap acts as the key delivery partner to promote and coordinate the SDG Impact Standards Accredited Train-the-Trainer course in Turkiye, and has partnered with the Impact Investing Advisory Board (EYDK), ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Sabancı Arf Almost Ready to Fly, TED University, and United Nations Development Program Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD), championing SDG Impact Standards in Turkiye.

Ms Fabienne Michaux, Director, SDG Impact at UNDP: “The SDG Impact Standards have been developed by UNDP to help businesses and investors become resilient and future fit by embedding sustainability and contributing to achieving the SDGs at the core of their purpose and internal decision-making. The train-the-trainer program is essential to build capacity on the ground and a vibrant global community of practice to support implementation of the standards and drive the change we all want and need to see.”

Mr Ben Carpenter, CEO at Social Value International: "SVI and UNDP are committed to developing a global community of highly skilled trainers who can accelerate the adoption of the SDG Impact Standards. The Istanbul 'Train-the-Trainer' course, hosted in partnership with Etkiyap, is an exciting development and we look forward to continuing to support the trainers, businesses and investors who have taken part."

Ms Şafak Müderrisgil, Chair at Etkiyap:“We now have the globally recognised SDG Impact Standards offering investment decisions to be aligned with SDGs for enterprises, private equity companies and fund managers, bond issuers. As Etkiyap, we will champion the advocacy and disseination of SDG Impact Standards with our stakeholders EYDK, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Sabancı Arf Almost Ready to Fly, TED University and UNDP ICCPSD."


UNDP SDG Impact; Etkiyap