Cambodia SDG Investor Map launched to accelerate sustainable development

Cambodia SDG Investor Map Launch

Photo credit: Monileak Ean/UNDP Cambodia

Cambodia SDG Investor Map launched to accelerate sustainable development

Phnom Penh, 31 August 2022 – Today, the Cambodia SDG Investor Map, a market intelligence tool that identifies viable Investment Opportunity Areas aligned with the Cambodia Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was launched by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the support of the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) established by Temasek Trust.

It is anticipated that by 2025 the funding available for development in Cambodia will reach US$23.4 billion, or 69.8% of GDP, driven mainly by domestic resource mobilization, Foreign Direct Investment, and remittances (UNDP, 2021). As such, the Map was created to identify investment opportunities in priority sectors that have both strong financial and development impact potential. The Cambodia Map is added to another 22 country SDG Investor Maps, accessible on the SDG Investor Platform. It highlights 15 Investment Opportunity Areas that cover business models across six SDG priority sectors, namely, agriculture and allied industries, financial services, infrastructure, renewable energy, education, and healthcare. The Map also identifies another 10 ‘white spaces’ aligned with national development needs that have potential for growth but would require more private sector participation or a scope for more policy support.

“We have a clear goal to drive the economy towards upper-middle-income country status by 2030 and high-income country status by 2050. The private sector will play a large and significant role in this journey,” said H.E. Ros Seilava, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance. “Our economic development must also be sustainable, which is why we are very pleased to have worked with UNDP to create the Cambodia’s SDG Investor Map. The Map not only showcases the sectors that have potential for sustainable development but will also serve as the foundation for discussions on policy-level measures to strengthen an ecosystem that is attractive for private investors here.”

UNDP Cambodia Resident Representative Ms. Alissar Chaker added that, “the business case for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is strong worldwide and particularly in Asia, where an estimated 40 percent of the $12 trillion worth business opportunities are estimated. The market intelligence generated by the Map will guide private sector investors looking to invest sustainably, profitably and with the confidence that the sectors identified respond to the national development priorities.”

Ms. Dawn Chan, CEO of CIIP, commented, “CIIP is pleased to support the development and launch of Cambodia’s SDG Investor Map. This work provides both private and public sector actors with the critical data needed to develop an evidence-based approach to direct capital to areas of greatest opportunity and need in the country. CIIP was set up by Temasek Trust with the belief that impact investing can act as an effective lever for sustainability. Together with our partners at the UNDP and the Royal Government of Cambodia, we look forward to building off the important foundation the Map has laid, to create further opportunities for collaboration to drive sustainable investment in Cambodia.”

“We are delighted to have launched yet another SDG Investor Map, this time for Cambodia with the support of our long-term anchor partner in Asia, CIIP,” noted Ms. Fabienne Michaux, Director, UNDP SDG Impact. “Cambodia has taken meaningful strides to improve its economy for its people and environment. We applaud the Royal Government of Cambodia for its commitment to build forward with sustainability and the SDGs at the heart of development by using the market intelligence generated by the Map.”

Following the launch of the SDG Investor Map, UNDP Cambodia and its partners will bring together potential investors, investee companies, and policymakers for partnership building and boosting investments in the Cambodia SDG priority areas identified in the Map.

UNDP supports the Royal Government of Cambodia in its efforts to catalyze blended finance for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the CSDGs as part of an Integrated National Financing Framework for green, inclusive and resilient development.

Cambodia Investment Opportunity Areas


Explore the Cambodia SDG Investor Map here.

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